How to print wirelessly to the CS&P CUPS printers
For Linux (and probably MacOS, don't quote me on that though)

Table of Contents

1 Instructions

  1. Open a new tab and navigate to your local cups server: http://localhost:631/.
  2. Navigate to "Administration"
  3. Click the "add printer" button under the "printers" category, then type in your local machine's admin username and password (whichever username and password you use to carry out admin tasks)
  4. Choose "Internet Printing Protocol (https)" under "Other Network Printers"
  5. Type in for the uri if you want the black and white printer without the scanner, or if you want the black and white printer with the scanner.
  6. Set a name, description, and location.
  7. Choose a make and model. For the printer w/o the scanner, it is HP -> Laserjet 400 M401dne. For the one w/ the scanner, it is HP -> Laserjet Pro MFP M426-M427.
  8. After selecting the printer, hit "add printer."
  9. Congrats, you configured the printer! Be sure to set defaults and print a test page to make sure its working properly.

1.1 Solutions to Common Issues

  • Are you getting prompted for a login every time you try to print to one of the printers? You should check /etc/cups/printers.conf. Look under the entry for the printer giving you trouble. It should say AuthInfoRequired none. If its anything else, that's causing your problem.

Author: Geno

Created: 2022-10-18 Tue 17:49